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Contacting TV Shows Of Practitioners Of Witchcraft And Sorcery To Ask For Ruqya


I have an older sister who is 27 years old, and up until now she has not got married. Please note that she is beautiful and educated, and she carries out her religious duties, both fard and sunnah. She was working in a mixed environment; please note that she is a doctor, but she wears hijab and does not show anything but her eyes and hands when necessary for administering medical treatment. A shaykh came and recited Qur’an over her, even though there was nothing wrong with her, and he asked her to recite some Qur’anic verses, but up till now that has been to no avail. When someone comes to propose to her, there is a kind of panic in the house, and it is as if we are bewitched. What should I do? I have another question: there are some satellite channels that have shows in which the audience calls them up, and the presenter asks the caller to tell him the name of one of his parents or of his spouse, or someone else, or the first letter of the name, after which he tells them to recite some Qur’anic verses that will help them. Please note that the presenter knows the problem of the caller once he tells him his name or the name of one of his parents. What is the ruling on these shows, in detail?

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Posted by on November 9, 2018.

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