Chinese Drama: Sweet Sweet (2021)

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OtherName: 住在我对面的小哥哥 / 住在我對面的小哥哥 / Zhu Zai Wo Dui Mian De Xiao Ge Ge Jyu / Joi Ngo Deui Min Di Siu Go Go

Description: Tian Tian De is a design student who just graduated. By chance, she meets an aircraft-loving youth who has aphasia. Fate brings them together when it was discovered that the ice-cream Tian Tian De makes is able to let Su Mu talk in a smooth manner. One day, while testing his drone, Su Mu accidentally enters Tian Tian De’s home and bumped into her bathing. This leads to misunderstandings of them as a couple. Su Mu, who developed a greed for Tian Tian De’s ice-cream, moves to stay opposite her; and begin to pester her everyday for her home-made ice-cream. With time, the two’s relationship also takes a sweet turn.

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Cold Man; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; life; Romance; Youth;

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