Korean Drama: Squid Games Episode 6

biozat1488 . September 22, 2021 . 1 Comment
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9 days ago

Amazing production, fotografi,history is brilliant because I use to play all of the games in the tv series. Very good actor’s. For me there’s no leading roll because they all tell their different back ground stories. But the girl with the younger brother in care and her mother in prison on the North Korea side ,it’s the most sad one. And the most evil his the lying son pretending to be a successful business man and he is a killer just not caring fir no one. Just like the gangster guy that meets a great death. It’s a good series once again from Korea, just like Sweet Home, Alice in Borderland and The Guest, The Fieary Priest, Uncanny Encounter, etc… This is the ones I’ve seen that I remember, but I know there’s more from Korea that I have watched and they are at the top of the tv series and Movie industry.

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